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Fish Sauce From Sea to Bottle

Lemon Basil

Lemon Basil

With 700 photos already in the book, we simply could not fit another but nor couldn’t bare to omit it completely, so here is the photo of the lemon basil.

Making Palm Sugar in Chumpon: The Real Deal

Actual footage of Palm Sugar production in rural Chumpon.

Chef Danhi’s Notes on Noodles:

Wheat noodles can be traced back to ancient China, now available in your local store.

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Check out these links for the full soy sauce story, from production to application

Look hear for the facts on the prolific peanut; an essential ingredient for creating authentic Southeast Asian Flavors

At Wing Hing Foods noodles are their thing!



Servicing our citrus needs
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How and Why?!

Ever wondered why the illusive aroma of Pandan is so amazing, watch this video

No Fish Sauce Allowed?

No Fish Sauce Allowed?

In the Nha Trang airport I was stopped with contraband in my suitcase. I had visited a fish sauce producer and bought several bottles of the golden elixir to use for special occasions. That special occasion turned out to be locals’ dinner. I was stopped and told to remove the fish sauce from my bag, I was puzzled until they showed me a sign like this. I could not surrender the fish nectar to those that stopped me so I found a local with a smile and donated the sauce to their family meals.

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